Monday, 10 June 2013

Here are somethings you might want to know


Okay so some info you might like to know about this new blog.

I have a blog called Tangled In Pages check it out here  where me and my co-blogger love posting reviews and other bookish stuff.
I love reviewing and just talking about books and I recently discovered my love for Book Tours. Seriously I've been signing up for so many book tours recently that it's crazy.

Anyway I wanted to join in the fun in organizing the book tours so I decided to create this blog.

Onto the "important" info:
  • My prices for services aren't expensive as this is mostly for me to have fun, so if you feel like you deserve further discounts or just want to be cheeky go for it and email me. There are a lot of offers I am willing to go through with you. For any publisher or author I am more than happy to work on the services that I can provide and the prices. 
  • The point of this blog is for me to get to know more authors and get to discover awesome books but also for the books to get more publicity. 
  • I might be a little cheeky and ask for some book swag, or the book in a physical copy if that is something that the author/ publisher is willing to do. 

So I think that is it. Main points- for both parties to feel happy, and for the book and author to get as much publicity as possible :-) 

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